Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well Played, Poster: Precious

Yet another stunning design from the Precious camp. First saw this at InContention although everywhere is citing HitFix for the exclusive so I probably should too. It's a great piece of art, I reckon.

I'm so surprised the studio has gone with this though, don't you agree? It looks more like a Criterion DVD cover than a poster, but posters could learn to be more like them if you ask me. I love it when posters are actually pieces of art. Not just "it's a work of art!" but it actually is a work of art. If this were hung in a gallery minus all the cast credits and such then people would be staring at it for hours. You hear the phrase "faceless black woman" so many times in stories and articles about race issues, and this interprets it for art's sake. Brilliant.

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