Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 23/07/09

Cheri - One of the best actresses to ever live (oh yes), Michelle Pfeiffer, "returns" with this adaptation of the books of Colette. Directed by Stephen Frears and co-starring Rupert Friend and Kathy Bates, I want to see it although it will definitely be tricky with the Melbourne International Film Festival taking up so much of my spare time.

Drag Me to Hell - Same as above. I so want to see this, Sam Raimi's "return" to the horror genre, but I think it will have to wait for DVD since there I have 17 movies to see as apart of MIFF.

ETA The Limits of Control - Jim Jarmusch's latest. I can't say I'm a fan of this period of his filmmaking with movies like Broken Flowers. It does have Tilda Swinton though, which is always nice.

The Merchant of Venice - Has slowly been making its way around the country. And yes, this is the same film that came out FOUR AND A HALF YEARS AGO in America and the UK. Even New Zealand got it four months ago!

Red Cliff - The maligned "international cut" of John Woo's Red Cliff. I don't think I've come across anybody who prefers this to the original two part version that screened to massive box office in its home country of China. Such a shame as I would have definitely gone to see this in all its glory, but as is I think I'll skip.

DVD Releases for the Week 23/07/09

Duplicity - Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in Tony Gilroy's latest.

Easy Virtue - Could have been much better, but could have easily been far far worse. Pleasant enough way to waste 90 or so minutes and it's one of those rare moments when you get to see somebody such as Jessica Biel out-act Kristen Scott Thomas.

The Express - A biopic of somebody called Ernie Davis. No idea!

Female Agents - French spy movie.

Friday the 13th - Marcus Nispel's (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) remake of the classic 1980 slasher flick. Tits and machetes, basically.

The Uninvited - When this was out in cinemas I wrote "his movie brings up three questions: What is Emily Browning doing here? What is David Strathairn doing here? And what is Elizabeth Banks doing here? I admit to having an affection for these b-grade Stepfather rip offs, but... really? I didn't think they made them anymore." And having since seen the movie I can quite comfortably say I have no answers to any of those questions. You would, indeed, be much better off rewatching (or watching for the first time) The Stepfather, which is actually very good.

I don't normally mention TV releases - too many of them! - but I feel that I must make note of the fact a 38-disc box set of MacGyver is out. Is the box made out of a pine cone, a piece of dental floss and a copy of Mad Magazine? That'd be cool.


Paul Martin said...

I can't believe you haven't included Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control, which also opens today and is one of the best cinema releases of the year (FWIW, I've just posted a review).

Glenn Dunks said...

You're right! But, as you may tell from what I wrote, I can't say I'm too excited for it.

JA said...

Dude, I can't BELIEVE you're gonna skip Drag Me To Hell in theaters. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

Glenn Dunks said...

I have 16 movies to see in two weeks, Jason. That calls for some sacrifices.