Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 16/07/09

The Choir - Australian documentary, recently nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the AFI Awards (rest of the nominees not announced until later in the year) about a choir created within a South African prison.

The Escapist - A bunch of guys try to escape from prison. Dominic Cooper gets raped (judging by the clips), Brian Cox acts badly and everyone in the audience falls asleep.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - By now in the Harry Potter rollout of movies, I am actually anticipated a new installment, which is most definitely not what I expected after seeing the first two Christopher Columbus installments. They were dreadful. Alfonso Cuaron's masterful Prisoner of Azkaban changed that and with only three more movies to go (the seventh book is being split into two movies) I actually "can't wait" to see the Half-Blood Prince. Aagh!

Lucky Country - New Aussie film from director Kriv Stenders. Seems to be firming into a "love it or hate it" sort of affair. I, personally, lean on the former side of the argument. In my review I wrote "an impressive and impeccably well-done film, yet another in an increasingly strong one for Australian film." Still stands.

My Friends, My Loves - I saw the trailer for this French comedy on a recent trip to the cinema. I was horrified. It looked truly awful, a true contender for any "worst of all time" lists. I couldn't imagine a day in hell that I would want to watch this. How delighted I was then to watch Margaret Pomeranz rip into it on At the Movies last night. It really looks despicable.

My Career Life in Ruins - Oh Nia Vardalos, did you not learn from Connie and Carla or that failed TV sitcom? Nobody wants you around anymore! You were fine for a while there when you had that whole underdog story going on, but now you just depress us. Enough! Remember the hilarious poster (to the left?)

And to think, we still have this to contend with at some point, too.

DVD Releases for the Week 16/07/09

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures - No.

Appaloosa - Ed Harris' western movie apparently isn't anywhere nearly as good as his first directorial job, Pollock.

Boogeyman 3 - #THREE?!?

Frozen River - Still the best movie from 2008. I may get around to actually doing top ten stuff, by the way. My review from earlier in the year.

Last Chance Harvey - I thought I was going to cringe through this entire movie - blatant sentimentality, Dustin Hoffman, quaint - but actually quite enjoyed it. As a definite non-fan of Dustin Hoffman, I was surprised to not wanna punch him in the face and Emma Thompson is great as always.

Love the Beast - Eric Bana directed and features in this documentary about his love for his childhood car. Became the second highest-grossing Australian documentary of all time when released theatrically earlier in the year and I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Midnight Meat Train - Gory horror flick from a story by Clive Barker, starring Vinnie Jones. Lovingly rated R18+, which makes up a little bit for the whole bungled US release and direct-to-DVD status.

Notorious - Biopic of The Notorious B.I.G. Features a great soundtrack. I particularly recommend "Brooklyn Go Hard" by Jay Z feat. Santogold.

Punisher: War Zone - Low budget sequel to a movie that not many people saw that loses all of the original's stars. Yeah, that was gonna work! No wonder it's gone direct-to-DVD.

Righeous Kill - Crime drama starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Yeah, that was gonna work! No wonder it's gone direct-to-DVD.


Wedding Daze - Poor Isla Fisher.


JA said...

Dude Punisher War Zone is worth seeing. It's INSANE.

Simon A said...

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures is actually really funny. It strains believability, but it's really enjoyable.