Friday, July 31, 2009

Silly Internet Stories #4904349

I don't like Once. I sorta-but-not-really liked it back in 2007, but I was being polite because, back then, I wasn't as steadfast in sticking to my negative opinions of movies that everybody else loved (see also: An Inconvenient Truth. A D- film in retrospect that I gave a Csomething grade to to be uncontroversial).

Nevermind that though, I got an email today from somebody doing marketing for The Swell Season. O...kay? If these people were somehow smart enough to find this blog and to get my email and to type a letter then surely they were smart enough to find out that I didn't like Once and that I thought the female singer - whatever her name is, I don't care - was a daft twit. SOME PEOPLE!

Also: I wonder if anybody out there from the Inconvenient Truth brigade is feeling foolish about that today. "OMGWE'REALLGONNADIE!" Hardly. That PowerPoint presentation probably burnt up more toxic greenhouse emissions than me leaving a lamp on by accident. I wish Al Gore would just go away, please.


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Paul Martin said...

I did like Once, but boycotted An Inconvenient Truth. I was prepared to be labelled a global warming sceptic, as if that were some kind of evil. I don't trust Al Gore at all.