Friday, July 3, 2009

Scorsese's a Snob

As I was watching Video Hits this morning - yes, I've been having a very musically inclined morning - this video clip came on. I had no idea who it was apart from the name Snob Scrilla, which elicited a very "what the fuck is that?" reaction and that the song's name was "Heartbreak Scorsese". I figured it was going to be a lame American hip-hop "artist" who thinks he's being cool and hip by name-checking Martin Scorsese. Alas, I was completely and utterly WRONG!

It's not very often one comes across somebody we've never heard of before and get truly surprised. It seems every artist I listen to has had buzz for at least some amount of time online.

Turns out this Snob Scrilla man is an Australia artist (albeit born in America) whose music has nods to hip-hop, pop, electronic and even a bit of moody piano work thrown in for good measure. Turns out his debut album, Day One out in April, is very excellent. Filled with voluminous synths (just listen to "Heartbreak Scorsese" below for proof) and some wonderful lyrics. I gotta say "Hardest Times" is an absolute stunner. And one of the few times that guest female vocals on a track's chorus immensely improves upon a song's worth. Excellent stuff.

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