Thursday, July 9, 2009


Just a heads up to y'all that I will actually be on the radio tomorrow! John Richards, from over at the wonderful (if only sporadically updated Outland Institute), is hosting and I'll be coming in each week to have a chat about film for roughly 12 minutes or so. The first episode airs tomorrow between 12pm and 2pm. I'm... not actually sure when I am going to be on, but I will be at some point. We shall be discussing MIFF. It will be "live", even though I actually recorded it the other week. Good thing too since, at least in the first episode, I felt a bit awkward with quite a few "so... yeah..."s and such. Hopefully John edited those bits out?

Nevertheless, on the radio I shall be (there are several other guests too, in case you were wondering) and you can listen to it in three possible ways (ooh, delicious). You can actually turn your radio on if you happen to live in or around Melbourne and tune into JOY 94.9. You can live-stream it through the JOY 94.9 website or, at some point after going to air, download the podcast (perhaps from this page?)

Anyway, that's all. Feel free to keep frollicking about as you were.


Outland Institute said...

I'm told the podcast will be ready on Monday, which makes it sound like a dodgy mechanic is working on it - all links will passed on!

Also, on the show Glenn and I lamented the lack of zombie films while mentioning it wouldn't be MIFF is you weren't "getting you Hitler on" - turns out there's a Nazi zombie film playing. Two birds...

Outland Institute said...

Podcasts for all episodes are available here: