Friday, July 17, 2009

My MIFF Itinerary (Part II)

Well folks, I finally whittled down that almost unwieldy list of titles I started out with. I have sixteen titles that I am going to see - although, as it turns out, I still have one free session to utilise but only during specific times so the number may end up being 17. The 16 titles that I chose to grace the cinema for are:

Antichrist, dir. Lars Von Trier (Denmark)
Bran Nue Dae, dir. Rachel Perkins (Australia)
Dogtooth, dir. Giorgos Lanthimos (Greece)
The Exploding Girl, dir. Bradley Rust Gray (USA)
Fish Tank, dir. Andrea Arnold (UK)
Hansel and Gretel, dir. Pil-Sung Yim (South Korea)
The Hurt Locker, dir. Kathryn Bigelow (USA)
Kisses, dir. Lance Daley (Ireland)
Little Joe, dir. Nicole Haeusser (USA)
The Maid, dir. Sebastián Silva (Chile/Mexico)
Morphia, dir. Alexey Balabanov (Russia)
Outrage, dir. Kirby Dick (USA)
Prodigal Sons, dir. Kimberly Reed (USA)
Treeless Mountain, dir. So Yong Kim (South Korea/USA)
The White Ribbon, dir. Michael Hanake (Austria/Germany/France)
Yuri's Day, dir. Kirill Serebrennikov (Russia)

I was meant to have Celine Danhier's Blank City in there, but the film has been cancelled from the festival for "circumstances beyond our control", whatever that means (print didn't arrive most likely, although...) I think I have a good mix of big buzzy titles such as Antichrist - a 10.45PM screening so it'll have atmosphere up the wazoo! - The Hurt Locker and Palme d'Or-winner The White Ribbon alongside smaller titles I had never heard of before.

In terms of anticipation the top five are looking like this:

1. Antichrist
2. Prodigal Sons
3. Bran Nue Dae
4. The Hurt Locker
5. Fish Tank

I will hopefully be bringing you reviews of all the movies I see in some form or another (some full-length, some shorter capsule reviews) although when is a completely different ball game. Consider the final two days of the festival (August 8 and 9), I am seeing The Maid, Antichrist, Bran Nue Dae, Fish Tank and The White Ribbon. A heady mix of films (musicals, war dramas, horror, working-class dramas included) and if they were spread over a week I would probably still have trouble forming cognitive thoughts about them, but crammed together over two days! Yikes. I may be loopy for a few days after that combo of movies!

Right now I'm a bit tired so I won't do it now, but I will post a MIFF screening schedule for y'all playing a long at home and for any of you lucky Melburnians who get to attend this wonderful festival. What are you seeing?

By the way, does anybody know of any poster artwork for The White Ribbon and Fish Tank? I can't locate either anywhere, but I would have thought they'd need something to show at Cannes. Right? Seems strange to me, but there you go.


richardwatts said...

I've booked 60 sessions, but realistically I know I won't get to all of them - still, it will be fun trying!

NicksFlickPicks said...

What an exciting lineup! Everything here I've seen is really great or at least provocative (Outrage maybe stretches that point a little bit) or else sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

Glenn Dunks said...

That's good to hear Nick.

Richard, you're insane.