Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matt Preston for the Gold Logie!

I haven't mentioned it on the blog, but I have been addicted to MasterChef Australia. It has quite literally been one of the only shows I have been watching for the last three months. To explain the wonder that is MasterChef Australia to somebody from overseas is tricky. One cannot properly explain why this show is absolutely fantastic in every possible way. There's a reason why this show takes over Twitter's trending topics whenever it is on and why it was rating over 2 million viewers a night in its final week. The final episode, which aired last night, rated nearly 4 million and considering out population is 20 million, that sounds pretty darn good to me. It's the highest rating non-sport event in modern ratings history!

However, the true star of the series has been Matt Preston. The established award-winning food critic who became everyone's favourite cravat-wearing reality television judge. With such wonderful quotability - "Oh no, oh Poh" and "She's got such wonderful lift in the puff" being my favourites - and a way with a neck scarf, he worked his way "into the hearts of millions" (etc). I say he should win the gold Logie next year, don't you agree? It would sure be better than Rove!

Via Crikey comes this ode to Matt Preston. I shall miss him... until next year when the show returns to satiate my needs for reality cooking programs six nights a week!

Also: Julie shouldn't have been in the final two, but that's history now...


Lachlan said...

almost bought a tear to my eyes .. i miss MP so much

SlipStitchWitch said...

I've downloaded every episode and I'm re-watching the series as we SPEAK! I live in the states (washington state) I love cooking shows...and with no top chef over here I turned to australia's television..they've never let me down..(also watch biggest loser au as well as others) and I LOVEEEEEE All three judges..but most of all Matt Preston!!