Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Far be it from me to say Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" is one of the worst songs ever recorded - I've loved my fair share of shit music in my time - but it really is. Truly a deplorable novelty effort. Alas, it has finally proven to be beneficial to mankind since without it the new Sugababes single, "Get Sexy", would only be "Really bloody amazing" as opposed to the "OMG REALLY SO BLOODY AMAZING!" that it actually is. Yes, the song takes a large chunk out of "I'm Too Sexy", and yet it actually works. And not in a "oh, that's amusing" kind of way, no it works in an actual "it makes the song work" kind of way.

Er, are you following me?

Sorry, but whenever I hear a track that blows my mind like this one has I tend to get a bit unintelligible.

"Get Sexy" is indeed the new Sugababes track and it's a big ball-busting electro-thrash-pop-acid clusterfuck of a song. It's clinically deranged and should probably be institutionalised with Nurse Ratched. It's a product of their recent sojourn to the United States, which saw them sign to Jay Z's record label and while I can definitely hear the American "urban" influence, they thankfully haven't turned out a boring crunk number, but instead it's a very European, very big and very amazing track. There's even a THX intro! Can't wait for the album. Apparently fan reaction is 50/50 love/hate, but you can obviously tell what side I fall on.

Lastly, it includes what will surely be my favourite lyric of 2009 - "Just shut up and watch me walk!" Love it. LOVE IT! Ammelle will throw a chair into your face and steal your bag she's just that cool.

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