Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'll Keep Believing

Australia finally got their "sneak peak" at Glee this past weekend and it was incredibly good. What did you think? I thought the actors were all great (yay for Jane Lynch on a weekly basis) and the slightly warped version of high school is great fun. That it comes from the writers of Popular isn't surprisingly in the least. In case you never saw Popular (you're forgiven, it's airings were notoriously haphazard) then you have missed out. One of my favourite shows, for sure.

I can't wait though for the regular season of Glee to start in September. For now, however, I am incredibly obsessed with the show's rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". It's incredible how stirring it is. I've also included a clip from the season one finale of Popular in which the cast perform "Popular: The Musical", a musical number about getting revenge on their mean teacher. It is amazing. "We cannot risk a plot / Besides, these things never work with any aplomb / Case in point Teaching Mrs Tingle / A huge stinking bomb."


Simon A said...

I didn't love it. I thought the cast were really talented but so many of the characters were one dimensional cliches: the main guy's wife, the Christian girl, the Tracy Flick girl. It also tried realllly hard to be hip, with all those references to MySpace and iPhone, like it was written by older people screaming "LOOK! WE KNOW ABOUT THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S WORLD!"

But Jane Lynch is great, as were the musical numbers. Don't Stop Believing was pretty fantastic.

That said, maybe the flaws were just a bit pilot-y, you know? Those sort of things often end up sorted out in subsequent episodes.

mB said...

I love me some Popular and Glee feels right at home with Ryan Murphy's other high school comedy. And when you add amazing guest stars (Eve, Kristin Chenoweth, Victor Garber, Debra Monk & Cheyene Jackson) to this already amazing cast... I can't wait.

Jake said...

It'll do till they bring back Ugly Betty.

Encore Entertainment said...

Yes TEACHING MS. TINGLE was not something that you want to remember.

Encore Entertainment said...

yes MISS TINGLE was something terrible. Poor Helen Mirren, locked in a house with Katie Holmes talking her head off...ugh.