Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Moments in Television History, okay, maybe not, but let me explain.

The OC was "quite popular" for a while earlier in the decade we call the aughts. It seemed like it was in the right time and place for myself and many others of "my generation". Please don't fault me. You had your fair share of "wtf?" moments, too.

As I've been slowly going through my iTunes library trying to somehow create a mammoth list of the best songs from the decade for year's end, I came across Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek". Well, "came across" is a bit of cheat since I play the song regularly, but listening to it today, bizarrely, brought back memories of the season two finale for The OC. At the time I thought this was really great TV. Hmmm. While the scene below plays incredibly hokey now, I do think that one moment when Heap's song starts up again (it was used earlier in the episode during a funeral precession - no joke!) is very good. One thing that show did perfectly every time was find the right song for the right moments.

The show will always hold a special place to me, there are reasons for that that I will not go into but it's personal!, but just like Adam Brody's emo hair and Mischa Barton's career it is a now a relic of the past that shall be looked upon with a faint knowing look of confusion. Don't get me started on season three though. That shit was ridiculous!

I don't know what this "dear sister" Saturday Night Live skit is though that the video's caption mentions since NBC, the network in America that airs SNL, doesn't allow us horrible dirty foreigners from viewing their content online.


Encore Entertainment said...

I understand the foreigner feeling. It's just as [probably worse] down here in Guyana.

Trey said...

Here, this might work for you:

Glenn Dunks said...

Thanks Trey!