Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here is some footage from the 2010 release of Tron: Legacy. Apparently it has been floating around for a while, but I only just saw it at InContention.

I don't like the original Tron, but I actually think this one looks "cool" and "awesome". I said that too about Speed Racer, a movie that appears to be a second cousin to Tron, and I ended up liking that one. So there you go. I personally find it quite amusing though that despite being made in 1982 the makers of Legacy don't really need to "modernise" it for the sequel because 2009 is, basically, 1982 anyway. Of course, the effects in Tron are horrendously outdated, but that was always to be the case for a movie that was disqualified from the Oscar visual effects race because the use of computers was deemed unfair. That was a time when computers weren't used for visual effects on Imagine that for just a second. I think the visuals are quite fun in Tron, but the movie surrounding them is really turgid and dull.

Nevertheless, the updated visuals look great and I was completely unaware that Jeff Bridges was returning for the sequel! Of course the movie will flop though, I don't know why anybody would expect anything less, but at least I can look forward to it.

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Joel said...

Considering Disney is spending an estimated $300,000,000 on the film, I'm guessing that this film flopping is not an option.