Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do You Have a Dollar?

This is Lisa Mitchell. She was a contestant on Australian Idol a couple of years back, although I did not watch that season, and has since gone on to release to fine EPs - One Said to the Other and Welcome to the Afternoon - that are far from the usual Idol stuff. Her debut LP is Wonder and it is out soon and judging from the first single, it'll be a good one.

I have become duly obsessed with this song, "Coin Laundry". It's what could be described as "quirky", "cute", "whimsical", "unique" and "precious", but it is actually a beautifully sublime and exquisite little bitty. It's like so many female solo indie artists, but without the holier-than-thou attitude or the smothering tweeness. Those howls are gorgeous (and puts Shakira's pathetic excuse on "She Wolf" to shame). The video isn't that much, but it's better than a lot of things out there. Plus, at least it keeps in theme with the song, which is more than I can say for almost every music video I see on morning TV these days.

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Anonymous said...

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