Sunday, July 19, 2009

Australia Loses Another One (This Time to The Twilight Saga)

By the how, how hilarious is it to see "The Twilight Saga" on the posters and in the trailer for this New Moon movie? Like, bitch plz. You are NOT a "saga".
Australia has lost yet another talent to America. Such a shame. Over the weekend came news that Xavier Samuel had been cast in Eclipse, the third movie in the aforementioned "Twilight Saga" (lol). I like Samuel, he's been good in some fine movies (September, Newcastle) and was proving to be one of the more interesting young male actors around, especially since this country much prefers their young actors to be of the damaged ingenue type (Abbie Cornish, Sophie Lowe, Emma Booth, etc).

Ask any Australian actor who has "made the move" to America and they will say they they'd love to stay in Australia, but there is just not enough roles (and not enough money) to sustain a career. This is probably very true (actually I am sure it's true), which is just disappointing. What's even more disappointing though is when they leave here and decide to make movies like Eclipse. I saw Twilight and it was such a poor excruciating experience. The trailer for New Moon that I saw at Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the other night looks like it is living up to the original's promise!

Xavier Samuel has The Loved Ones screening at MIFF and out in cinemas (hopefully) in November as well as outback thriller Road Train, currently in production. Here's a picture of Xavier in a cowboy hat (just 'cause).


Anonymous said...

do you know which agency represents Xavier?

Anonymous said...

Shanahan Management

Anonymous said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Xavier is a prima-donna. Sure his acting is better than some. But! a prima-donna he is.

Glenn Dunks said...

That is such a bizarre set of comments.

Anon 6:33. Unless you're gonna cough up something more, you just sound bitter.