Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: A Perfect Getaway

Can someone please make this madness stop?!?!

Stripes? AGAIN!

I have become so blase about stripes these days when it comes to poor poster design concepts that I only mention it when it seems to rise to new levels of badness and here is one example. The movie apparently stars Timothy Olyphant (who is either the killer of the only survivor - early hunch!) and yet I can't recognise him. I can see Steve Zahn (who is either the killer or the first to die - early hunch!), but which of the other two men is Timothy? I've studied that man's face a lot ( and I don't recognise it any of the face shown.

Then there's Milla Jovavich. If you have Milla Jovavich in a movie set on a tropic island and the best you can do to sell her place in it is by cropping her face behind a filthy algae green filter? Not good, folks.

But, really, what it comes down to is just poor execution of a dull design. The uneven widths of each panel is bugging me. The annoying blurring that is going on reeks of somebody with too much spare time on their hands and a copy of Photoshop (is the blurring meant to imply they are running really fast through the trees?) So much space in each stripe dedicated to nothing but fuzzy palm fronds. Gah! And then there's just the general oddness of the stripes. They were just put there because they had no other way of proving that there were actors in that people may have heard of, I guess.

Having said all that though, I think the bottom half is quite nice. The green filter actually looks sinister, the blood splattering actually looks chilling and the tag line is actually not that bad. Whoever the final two cast members are though? They must feel bad that "Kiele Sanchez" gets above-the-title credit and they do not.


Joel said...

Top dude is Olyphant (photshopped to death it appears), the bottom is Chris Hemsworth!

Trailer actually looked kind of descent, but yeah, that poster sucks...

Glenn Dunks said...

I figured he'd be the top one, but it just doesn't look anything like him.

That's Chris Hemsworth? Gawd, why wouldn't you put someone's name on the poster if they've been in the news lately? Yet again, it doesn't look like him though.

Adrik said...

not to be snarky but i think that two of the actors are both strangers AND killers? ...maybe...