Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top Twenty Kylie

Last week was Kylie Minogue's birthday and, this morning, a couple of Kylie songs came on my iTunes shuffle and I had the urge to do an entry like this, so here is a belated rundown of my top twenty Kylie songs. They are all bona fide brilliant and better than most things you have on your iPod. True fact. Thankfully she has a knack for releasing good singles so most of them have video clips although not all.

"Butterfly" (Light Years)
"Put Yourself in My Place" (Kylie Minogue)
"The One [Freemasons Vocal Mix] (X: Australian Tour Edition)
"I Should Be So Lucky" (Kylie)
"Hand On Your Heart" (Enjoy Yourself)
"Still Standing" (Body Language)
"Better the Devil You Know" (Rhythm of Love)
"Confide in Me" (Kylie Minogue) - A live version because the (quite excellent) video is not allowed for embedding. grrr
"In My Arms" (X)
"I'm Just Here for the Music" (Body Language Demos) - This song has never been released in any form - not even as a B-Side - and this "video" is just fan made. Paula Abdul, however, has done her own version and is releasing it as a single. Oh my.
"Sweet Music" (Body Language)
"What Do I Have to Do" (Rhythm of Love)
"Where the Wild Roses Grow" (Nick Cave's Murder Ballads)
"Your Disco Needs You" (Light Years)
"Got to be Certain" (Kylie)
"Did It Again" (Impossible Princess
"Can't Get You Out of My Head" (Fever) - See also "Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head", which is perhaps even better!
"I Believe In You" (Ultimate Kylie) - The ballad version from The Kylie Show because the original cannot be embedded :(
"Too Far" (Impossible Princess)
"When the Cat's Away" (n/a) - Perhaps the greatest song Kylie never actually recorded. It is apparently a session singer (although it does sound like her) which is why I've put it at the end and not towards the start where it belongs. Fuckin' ace!

And while the song itself isn't in my top twentyh, here is the Michel Gondry-directed video clip for "Come Into My World" (Fever), which is - to put it bluntly - one of the greatest music videos ever made. And I don't mean that in an omgfanboy sort of way, but it is legitimately bloody brilliant. I can seriously watch this clip over and over again and find something new and amazing each time.


Agent69 said...

I agree 100% about Come Into My World. I've seen the video god knows how many times and it never gets old.

Robert said...

FYI -- The debate rages on in the blogosphere as to whether or not "When The Cat's Away" and another stupendeous demo track called "Excuse My French" were recorded by Kylie. When the tracks leaked onto the internet in early 2007, Kylie publicly denied that she had recorded them. Her record company simultaneously released a statement stating that the tracks had, in fact, been recorded by Kylie for consideration on her upcoming "X" album. In the summer of 2008, British house singer Mia J. was identified on several message boards as the vocalist and co-songwriter (along with producer Daniel Sherman) behind both tracks, though this seemed to be contradicted by earlier reports that the tracks had been composed by English guitarist-songwriter Rob Davis, who had previously penned “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and “Come Into My World.” Adding to the confusion is that Mia J.’s Myspace page identifies the tracks as current works-in-progress with Daniel Sherman rather than finished tracks that were recorded more than two years ago. Furthermore, Mia J.'s voice sounds nothing like Kylie's. There are very distinctive vocal inflections on both tracks that have left me fairly convinced that these were recorded by Kylie. But we may never know for sure!