Friday, June 5, 2009

Surgery Addict

As you read this I will be on my way to have surgery (minor, nothing particularly important) so can't promise to be around much over the next day. Medical stuff, however, is one stuff I find particularly hard to watch on film. I've never seen an entire episode of ER (true, and out of, what? 249 seasons? That's pretty darn impressive) and I remember being petrified of the Holly Marie Combs-starring Dr Giggles when I saw it on late night TV as a young kid (unjustifiable I presume, I have never revisited.) However, here are a collection of movie posters for horror flicks set in hospitals, because it is the only connection I could think of!

They're giving me the heeby-jeebies already! And to think I didn't even go into the whole sub-sub-genre of medico-horror flicks based around insane asylums. Yikes! Good thing I did this earlier and just scheduled it to come on now or else I'd be freakin' out and refusing to go.

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