Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remembering Siobhán Donaghy

It's easy to forget about Siobhán Donaghy, isn't it? You probably had forgotten all about her until I typed her name right now. Let's face it, since she departed the Sugababes after only one album - the incredible One Touch, it really is still as good as you remember - she hasn't exactly had the greatest success. Said lack of success has, apparently, been so disheatening to Donaghy that she's given up making albums. Two solo albums at two different labels, both of which have dropped her due to poor sales, but what did they expect from quasi-avant-garde pop music that marries Kate Bush with the Cocteau Twins via Massive Attack. How many hit albums have tracks played in reverse?

"Don't Give It Up", the lead single from second album Ghosts, popped up on my iPod yesterday and I promptly replayed it at least eight times. I had, indeed, forgotten just how mind-bendingly brilliant it is. From 2m 40s onwards? That's, basically, the reason music was invented. Utter perfection. Then there's tracks like "So You Say", her most mainstream solo track, with a video that was inspired by David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE. Not sure i quite get that apart from all the wondering around dark corridors and the need to ask "wtf was that?" afterward (in a postive way though!)

Below are four tracks from her to remind you of how amazing she is. There is "New Year" from her Sugababes days, "Overrated" from her debut album Revolution in Me (what a great title, eh?) and then "Don't Give It Up" in the big window. "So You Say" isn't able to embedded (ugh, yet again) but you can listen. All of these, and many more by her former group the Sugababes, will be appearing in Stale Popcorn's Top 500* Songs of the Naughts countdown later in the year.

*I say "500", but it could very easily blow out to something far more extravagant.


Dave said...

Stale Popcorn's Top 500* Songs of the Naughts

You have no idea how excited that statement has made me.

I had a little Siobhan binge the other week, actually; found Revolution in Me in a charity shop and found out how terrific it is. 'Overrated' is fantastic, purely for using the word 'serrated'. It's a real shame she's got no plans for a new record (have you heard her song for Square1?), but you can't really blame her to some extent.

MarkB said...

Actually, she's since said she hasn't abandoned music altogether, just until she knows what she wants to do next, musically. Until then she's getting on with her life. Unfortunately the post was lost when her official forum was taken down.

Until then, there's her fab collab. with Square1, Styfling, out 13th July. Hopefully there'll be more on their album due later in the year.