Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pleased to (M)Eat You, or: VHS Memories

Oh man, I was looking for posters on movies for an entry that'll pop up tomorrow (reech! reech!) but I came across this poster for a movie I had never heard of before called Blood Diner. How amazing is it?

It's actually a VHS cover, not a poster, that I found at this amazing website that is just filled with them. If you're like me and are nostalgic from time-to-time about VHS and grew up ogling the fantastically designed covers then this side is more than worth a check. Of course, this piece of design is very similar to the artwork of that other bastion of Americana-turned-horror flick Dead End Drive-In (even though it's an Aussie film>), but that doesn't matter. A great idea is a great idea. That's why Hamlet keeps getting remade!



Amazing just like that website I linked to up there. There are DAYS of entertainment to be had there. It's so great to go through them all and a) remember the ones I used to love as a kid perusing the isle of the local video stores and b) realise how many truly terrible movies exist that nobody even knows about. I know a lot of them are tacky and the colours are almost always washed out, but there's more fun to be had and more memories to flow by looking at covers such as Microwave Massacre, The Evil, Angel of H.e.a.t. and Too Scared to Scream than there is looking at the vacant, overly-photoshopped and boring DVD covers and posters that you see today.

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