Monday, June 15, 2009

On Face Value

I love Laura Dern. It's just a fact. I happened to watch Recount the other night, a role from which she won a Golden Globe earlier this year. She plays Katherine Harris in the true story of the Florida recount during the 2000 American presidential election. The film was quite good and the actors, especially, are fantastic. Kevin Spacey hasn't been that interesting on screen in a long time.

However, it was indeed Dern who was my favourite. Sometimes characters come tailor made for certain actors and that seems to be the case with Dern and Harris. It is not one of those omglauraderniskatherineharris™ situations that people like to throw around whenever an actor portrays a real life figure. No, it tends to come off more like a Saturday Night Live sketch at times, but a good on. It's as if Dern just used her casting here as another reason to use that face of a thousand looks. With all that make-up plastered onto her face and her hair done out to look like a Greek waitress on acid, Laura just lets lose and it's fun to watch.

It's times like this that I wish another director would give her a role as juicy as the ones David Lynch has in the past that would get her another invite to the Oscars (her first and only nom was for Rambling Rose in '92). How can any director watch her face and not be inspired to cast her in a role that requires plenty of screaming and crying and laughing and histrionics?

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Simon A said...

She's so good in that!