Friday, June 12, 2009

Balibo Shows It's Hand

Finally getting a look at a poster for Robert Connelly's Balibo, which is being released on August 13. This comes via the film's Twitter feed and is designed by the amazing Jeremy Saunders. They settled on the iconic image of the Balibo Five hand print instead of faces (the cast includes notable Aussies Anthony LaPaglia, Gynton Gantley and Nathan Phillips). Will be interesting to see if this pays off. I have been anticipating this movie greatly and the poster is a nice piece of work.

Skeet Ulrich would be pleased.


FranklinBluth said...

Clicked on the link, his work really is excellent. I especially liked the poster for 'Lucky Country'.

Anonymous said...

And how much has changed?

Indonesia abuse the human rights of a young Australian woman via a show trial and then award a brutal political 20 year sentence. The Oz government sells her, to appease Indonesia, and then uses the media to smear her.

5 years later she is dying. Sedated and asleep in a hospital bed, prison guards burst in, in the dark of night, without warning, and drag her back to the cells in her pajamas. Calculated trauma.

The Oz government again does nothing.

Schapelle Corby will die without help. How many more Australians until the politicians grow some balls?

BTW: Anyone who thinks she is guilty shold be reading this:

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