Friday, June 19, 2009

2012 is Making My Brain Fall Out

Look, I know Roland Emmerich ain't no great director - hell, even the movies of his that I liked on first viewing grow progressively worse - but somehow I still manage to get excited for his movies. Not 10,000 BC. Not at all.

No, but 2012? Hell yes. Have a look at the newly-released trailer below and tell me it doesn't look, as the kids may say, "awesome!" Yes, the humans are going to be poorly conceived, written and performed. Yes, the John Cusack character will probably save the day through some improbably means. Yes, it is basically all window dressing and visual effects to "blow stuff up good". But sometimes that all I want. This trailer is, like, 30 different money shots combined into three handy minutes.


Joel said...

Day After Tomorrow is one of my guilty pleasure films... Plus I love me some crazy disaster films, and this looks like a heck of a lot of fun!

crossoverman said...

Wow, that just made me laugh A LOT. Particularly the aircraft carrier being washed onto the White House.

You gotta give Emmerich credit - he knows how to blow up shit good.