Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well Played, Poster: The Final Destination

As most frequent readers would be aware, I have a penchant for horror movie posters. I think that the genre, like no other, allows for such interesting plays on the concepts of key art. It's easier to be creative when you know what your audience wants. Something creepy, yes, but after that you're free to be inventive and it's rare that you see a horror movie post that is simple some cast members standing about staring at nothing or using a boring movie production still surrounded by blank white space.

The horror movies of 2009, however, have been largely disappointing in the poster arena. Whether "meh" (The Uninvited, Friday the 13th), "unintentionally funny" (Drag Me to Hell) or "downright deplorably terrible" (The Unborn). However, I must admit to liking this newly released poster for The Final Destination [aka, "Final Destination 4", "Final Destination: Death Trip", "Final Destination Death Trip 3D" - yikes!].

I originally found this at My New Plaid Pants, but was waiting for a non-watermarked copy so voila.

I like that it not only returns to the original poster's motif, but I also like the illusion to 3D. It is as if the face is smashing through the cinema screen, you see!

By the way, how fun is it to look over the credits list for these movies. For this enstallment alone we have "Kid With Bold", "Racist's Wife", "Racetrack Fan" (hello wildly extravagant 3D-enhanced death!), "Upscale Country Club Patron", "Man With Apple" and "The Cowboy". This movie is going to be amazing.


JackAttack said...

The Drag Me To Hell poster is meant to be funny, the movie's by Sam Raimi for god's sake!

Glenn Dunks said...

Er, no it's not. Have you seen the trailer? They are not marketing it as a horror/comedy. The title errs on the side of the B-Movie shlock, but the movie is being targeted as a serious fright flick all the way.

JackAttack said...

Yeah I suppose they have to market it as a serious horror movie but the poster and title suggest it will (hopefully) have a fair amount of cheese. There's that bit in the trailer where Alison Lohman's character lies down on the bed and the crazy gypsy lady is there... classic!