Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 21/05/09

The Chifley's of Busby Street - Aussie documentary from Andrew Pike whose last film was the AFI-winning Angels of War... in 1981. Yikes!

Lesbian Vampire Killers - It looks worse than Zombie Strippers!

Night at the Museum 2 - Slashing the "Battle of the Smithsonian" part of the US title, this sequel to the incredibly bland 2006 original gets an upgrade in the form of Amy Adams. I, as you can tell, did not like the first and won't see the second. In America this is released this weekend alongside Terminator Salvation. Alas, we have to wait a couple of weeks for that blockbuster.

Quiet Chaos - Italian film co-written by and starring Nanni Moretti as a man grieving over his dead wife and caring for his young daughter.

What Just Happened? - I like a good movie about Hollywood as much as the next person, but something about this one just turns me off. I'm not entirely sure why since it has a great ensemble (Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Catherine Keener and, ugh, Kristen Stewart) but I think maybe the marketing material has given off the stench of smugness. There's almost nothing I hate more than smugness. But... no. That's not entirely it. Nevermind, this'll disappear quicker than it came and never be heard about again.

DVD Releases for the Week 21/05/09

Revolutionary Road - Underwhelmed at the Oscars, but I generally thought it was okay. It's not Titanic (LOL)! I wrote of my issues earlier in the year.

Seven Pounds - Isn't it funny how this film just dropped like a dead weight (pun not intended).

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Woody Allen's lovely film, minted by Oscar with Penelope Cruz's much-deserved win.

TV Screenings for the Week 21/05/09

22/05/09, The Big Street (1942), 7HD, 1.00PM - Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda and Agnes Moorehead.

24/05/09, Gigi (1958), C9, 3.00PM - Big giant musical from Vincent Minnelli that won all 9 of the Oscars it was nominated for including, obviously, Best Picture.

27/05/09, Ghost Dog (1999), SBS, 10.00 - One of Jim Jarmusch's most praised films, starring Forest Whitaker.


Ben Rylan said...

I just got really excited about "The Big Street" and then realised it started 10 minutes ago and I'm at work.

Re: "What Just Happened", the thing that turns me off is I feel the title is meant to be a question, i.e. "What Just Happened?" But there is no question mark, meaning it is actually a statement, i.e. "What Happenes in Vegas". It bothers me. I know it's a stupid technicality.

FranklinBluth said...

Perhaps it's Sean Penn's dirty mo that is putting you off "What Just Happened"?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Nothing about Sean Penn could turn me off.