Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You Channel 7, You Just Made My Decision Easier

When I wake up in the morning I have the arduous task of deciding whether to watch Sunrise (Channel 7) or Today (Channel 9) before I head off to work. It's like an ironic Sophie's Choice! However, Channel 7 have thankfully made it much easier because some time this past week their "current affairs program" (we use that term lightly) Today Tonight did a story on Today host Karl Stefanovik appearing on air drunk, the night after the Logie Awards (apparently our "Night of Nights", but I think whoever coined that term was also very drunk), a night that's famous for over-drinking. It's also famous for overdosing, but that's another story altogether (sidebar joke: Who was seen snorting coke in the bathroom during the commercials? EVERYBODY!)

Here's the Today Tonight story, which I found at Mamamia,

Apparently his appearance has the whole of Australian TV talking, which I find amusing since I'm sure most of those people were at their home/hotel rooms sleeping off the very effects that Karl is suffering from in the clips. I can't even judge what Channel 7 saw as being beneficial about running this story since, to me obviously and I'm sure a few others, it acts as an advertisement for their networks' rival morning program.

Far be it from me to go on at lengths about the journalistic pros and cons of these two shows - they are basically as bad as each other - but I would much rather watch a drunk Karl Stefanovic than David "Kochie" Koch and whatshername with her annoying perma-grin and their grating "We know you're doing it tough!" bleating and sighing as they sit around with their $500,000 a year contract (or thereabouts, surely). I'd even go so far as to say though that what Today Tonight did was "unAustralian!" (you can't get more media-cliched and hyperbolic than that saying, can you?) If there's one thing Aussies are good at it's shakin' off those morning after shakes and rocking up to work still three sheets to the wind. Good on ya Karl, you've got my ratings point (if I "had" a ratings point for the roughly 20 minutes or so that I actually watch before I have to go to work.)

I was surprised they forgot to mention when Matthew Newton (a current star over on Channel 9 thanks for Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities) appeared inebriated whilst appearing on John Foreman's chat show. Even more respect lost for Channel 7 there since if you're going to do a story like this you should at least try to kick the rival as many times as humanly possible. That "television writer" Di Butler chimes in with her completely unbiased opinion was perhaps the icing on the proverbial cake. What about this for a doozy of a quote: "I often felt like I needed something to get me through the Today show, so I can kind of understand it."

"I'm not biased!"

YOU'RE A CHANNEL 7 WHORE, DI BUTLER! Granted, I don't know who it is that you write for, but, christ, at least try to hide the fact that Channel 7 obviously have you on retainer and that you don't, like everybody who watches this morning tele programs, actually think they're both a crock of shit.

Karl eventually apologised for being "tired and emotional" (emotional about what? realising Sunrise was nominated for a Logie with the word "Entertainment" in the category title?) Maybe he can get drunk one day and throw something at Richard Wilkins and Richard "Token Effeminate Gossip Gay" Reid? I'd send him a cheque personally to pay for the liqueur.

And, hey, at least his drunken shenanigans were more entertaining than Channel 7's Andrew O'Keefe rumbling about in a drunken stupor in a Toorak gutter with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and fumbling around with a blonde floozy. A story that, oh yes, Channel 9's A Current Affair exploited to the best of their "abilities".

TV journalism. It's the tops!


Joel said...

Gees... What an awful awful display of 'journalism'.
Surely its time to take Today Tonight off the air, although I'm pretty sure I thought that when Naomi Robson was still on it.

Ben Rylan said...

Oh now now, do we need a grain of salt with this TT story? I think so.

I'm no fan of TT (gawd, can you imagine calling yourself a "fan" of TT, asking Matt White for an autograph? Haha), but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It wasn't serious, which I thought was obvious by that Di Butler's comments (her best was "I think Karl should go on the Today show every day not drunk").

TT and ACA aren't going anywhere. They rate around 3 - 400,000 per night, just in Melbourne. There's no point complaining about the content; we have to ask why people continue to lap up this crap. The networks only give us what we all keep watching.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh I am aware there is no point, but since when has that stopped anybody complaining about anything. Week to week there are letters to the editor in tv guides screaming to "TAKE THAT SHOW OFF THE AIR!" when it rates two million so I'm not sure why they bother.

I don't watch either show, I only found the clip through the blog I linked too.

I could have taken with a grain of salt but something felt incredibly petty and desperate about it and it was all a big "fuck you for making fun of Andrew O'Keefe" deal, but I think that was much more of a "story" than this.

par3182 said...

for the sake of your sweet young brain, if you must watch tv at that hour of the morning make it abc2's news breakfast

Kamikaze Camel said...

But then I'd actually want to sit down and watch it and if I do that I will miss the tram and be late for work. :/

vatala said...

hey I am new to this, got harrased by NORM BEAMAN in my place of work and after raising a complaint with RASHA (Steve Careys assistant) from Channel7 had a piece of footage on the news edited I beleive with spite for the complaint with voice overs that where never said at the time of filming. I spoke with RASHA the day after video recording the entire conversation and she confirmed all the TRUTHFUL FACTS where given to her and STEVEN CAREY but they chose not to present the truth and ran the edit clip making me out to be an uninformed idiot. How can I get this video footage out there to show the people what unethical people 7 news particularly NORM BEAMAN with the lowest of journalistic integrity and the highest of bullying and harrasing credentials to his name.