Sunday, May 24, 2009

Portia De Rossi's Greatest Scream 2 Hits

"This must be flat out hell for you?!"

"It's really weird, isn't it? To think this fuss is all because of you! I mean, not directly, but in some six degrees of Kevin Bacon way!"

"Hi! No, I really meant that. Hi."

"Shit, I should've brought my drink."

No quote for this one, but let's just take a minute to sit in awe of those eyebrows.

Portia De Rossi: Comedic All-Star. Now when is Better Off Ted going to start down here? Never? Seems likely.


FranklinBluth said...


Those eyebrows are INCREDIBLE.

Her comedic tallent is perhaps best displayed in Arrested Development.

Glenn said...

Agreed. She was always my favourite on that show (yes, even more than Lucille).

Ed Howard said...

She was my favorite on AD too, with only Tony Hale's Buster coming close.