Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a Step Up From Shakira...

...but is this not going to be one of the strangest duets you've ever heard? Src

Beyonce has a collaboration on the way.

Adele has been invited to record a duet with Beyonce.

The former Destiny's Child star asked Adele if she could join her in the studio when her Am... tour visits the UK.

And the Chasing Pavements singer said she was delighted as she idolised Beyonce when she was younger.

A source tells The Sun, "Beyonce loves Adele's voice and her music, and Adele is really excited - she grew up listening to Destiny's Child and they are still her favourite group.

'It's her dream to record with Beyonce.'



J.D. said...

Grammys out the WAZOO.

seanisbored said...


And Shakira is awesome.

Guy said...

Given that both ladies' voices bring me out in hives, I can't be held responsible for my actions upon hearing them clash within a single song.

I am very, very afraid.

Dame James Henry said...

I officially CAN'T WAIT. You know it's basically going to be Beyoncé oversinging every note to prove how great of a singer she is while Adele is forced to sit back and take it.