Friday, May 1, 2009

Find Me a Doctor!

Because I've been fixated on Jessica Mauboy all day! I have no idea why, although I suspect it's partially to do with the news that her upcoming Aboriginal musical Bran Nue Dae (co-starring Geoffrey Rush, Deborah Mailman, Ernie Dingo, etc) will be the opening night film at the Melbourne International Film Festival later in the year. I've been listening to her Been Waiting album a lot today and it's struck me as far better than I had originally pegged it outside of a few tracks (the obvious ones like "Burn", "Running Back" and "Up/Down"). Funny how that works. Although whoever told her we needed yet another version of "Time After Time" was sorely mistaken.

Remember though, Jessica does what she does and says what she says and don't you forget it! Did you see her lookin' fierce as at the MTV awards (of which I included a performance above). She performs the opening act at Sunday night's Logie Awards (oh yes) and Bran Nue Dae will, apparently, be getting a release around October depending on further festival roll-outs. Cannot bloody wait!

Paulini must be livid!

"Oh dear!"


Anonymous said...

Heya Glenn, got the link to your blog through Twitter. So funny following celebs like Rove who seem to use it 24/7! Anyway, thought i'd remind you that Bran Nue Day also stars Missy Higgins, so exciting! Can't wait either - Mick.

Glenn said...

Apparently she only has a tiny role (as a hippy, which fits).

I saw that you joined that thing (it's not that exciting, is it?) :)