Saturday, May 23, 2009

Burlesque Explosion

I recently spoke of my particular disinterest in Christina Aguilera starring in a movie called Burlesque about a burlesque dancer at a burlesque club (that's basically all they're saying at this point). I saw that in Make it Happen, okay, and it wasn't that interesting then, either.

Nevertheless, somebody up there is adamant about me seeing this movie since the following news has come to hand:

Entertainment Weekly says that Cher is in final talks play the owner of the club. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!! !!!! Seriously, the camp level of this movie will hit the heavens if Cher is in it. I mean, Cher and Xtina wearing sparkly nipple tassles while singing and shaking their chichis?! All this ridiculousness needs is a random scene where Joan Collins storms into the club and slaps Cher for no reason.

One's crazy for plastic surgery and the other's crazy for fake tanning; it's a match made in heaven! Interestingly, this will be Cher's first ever movie musical, although it hasn't been made known as to whether Burlesque is a musical in the sense that characters sing songs or if it's merely people dancing about. Nevertheless, the sudden casting of her (well, hopefully) has piqued my interest. Just how god-awfully camp is this movie going to be? My hope? A FREAKIN' LOT!

I have a sudden urge to watch Showgirls now.

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