Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best of Oscar's Last Ten Songs

Quick poll.

The answer for me is so beyond easy that it's actually quite sad. That Emin-bloody-em's "Lose Yourself" is the best is not that sad - it's very brilliant - but I don't like Eminem and when I'm more excited for his song than for those by people like Melissa Etheridge or Bob Dylan then that's strange to me. And how can the Academy be so smart as to award "Lose Yourself" and then turn around a few years later and give the statue to "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp". "That's what the kids call 'hip-hop', isn't it? I'll vote for that. It's so exotic!" Yikes.

I have a feeling I know what will come out tops from this poll, and while I like "Falling Slowly" a lot I can confess in total honesty that I have not even thought about Once for a single second since the night it won the Oscar until right now when I had the impulse to do this poll. It was the one song I couldn't even remember when I was trying to think of what the ten songs were. Oops.


Dan said...

Did you see the movie, Once?

Music Online said...

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Joel said...

Can't say I really cared for any of these songs... Maybe if Save Me had won in 1999 instead of You'll Be In My Heart I;d have something to vote for!

J.D. said...

"Into the West" is probably one of my 10 favorite songs of all time, admittedly. So obviously that. Runners-up being "Falling Slowly" and "I Need to Wake Up" (:P).

Bleh to the rest, pretty much.

Glenn said...

Dan, I did and I did not care for it.

Guy said...

For me, only "Falling Slowly" and "Lose Yourself" fulfil the brief of being great songs in their own right and absolutely integral to their films' narrative and emotional requirements.

"Lose Yourself" narrowly wins for me simply because it's the kind of landmark composition that is going to be around for decades. (I'm an Eminem fan, I admit, but still.)

And much as I love all things "Once," the best song on that soundtrack is still "When Your Mind's Made Up."

Guy said...

PS. I'd be more interested to see the result of a "worst" poll -- does anyone else out there hate "Into the West" quite as much as I do?

Neel Mehta said...

Still the easiest Oscar to win: just write a song that's worth putting in a movie AND on the radio. And yet (Eminem aside) no one does that anymore.

The fact that underdogs (unknowns, hip-hop artists, and non-English nominees) win this category regularly tells you that even the Academy is starved for some halfway decent competition. But, for whatever reason, Hollywood no longer makes music well.

Douglas Racso said...

Falling Slowly no question.

Dame James Henry said...

"Lose Yourself" is quite possibly the best hip-hop song I've ever heard so I'm still stunned that it actually won an Oscar over the usual lame shit that wins.

And I love how everyone was so on the Melissa Etheridge bandwagon in 06 over the Dreamgirls songs (especially Beyonce's "Listen") and now it seems no one gives a shit about that song. I told everyone from the beginning that that song was nothing special!

Guy said...

Agreed, "I Need to Wake Up" wasn't anything special. (Actually, it's a teensy bit awful.) But I still took immense satisfaction in seeing "Dreamgirls" go 0-3 there.

Melissa Etheridge > Beyonce. In any context.

Glenn said...

James, I'd been saying that too. I remember downloading it the moment it leaked and then deleted it roughly three minutes later. So dull and boring and then I was shocked to see the song sort of take over. That song would be transported into so many other movies and it wouldn't have won, too.

Guy, I do love "Into the West" but "Lose Yourself" is just too brilliant to go past. Clearly the best thing Eminem has ever done, but it's sort of an awe-inspiring song.

Neel, tell me 'bout it. I wrote recently about the "Ghostbusters" theme song and wondered where all the big movie songs went to from the charts. It's as if they just can't write them anymore. But, then again, even when they do the Academy has shown they're not as interested anymore.

Interesting fact, of the 46 nominees for this categories in the time period of this pole the following songs are the only ones to reach the US Billboard Hot 50.

"You'll Be in My Heart" (1999)
"Music of My Heart" (1999)
"There You'll Be" (2001)
"Lose Yourself" (2002)
"Accidentally In Love" (2004)

Yikes. Although "Listen" (2006) and "Falling Slowly" (2006) both got close, both reaching #61. And then there's "Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny" by the Pussycat Dolls. Blegh.

Ben Rylan said...

"It's hard out here for a pimp" - Arrrrgh! Dolly was robbed! She owned the stage during that performance, but the Academy of Geeks gave it to that other thing. What a bunch of try-hards.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Indeed. Giving the award to "Lose Yourself" was excellent. Giving it to "Pimp" was try-hard. How else to explain how a geniune legend like Dolly managed to lose? They eat that shit up for breakfast and, at least that year, she deserved to win.

Victor S said...

Just imagine how diferent this list would be if the Academy wasnt so boring and have gave Oscars to "Save me" (or "Blame Canada"), "I've seen it all", "Come what may" (unnominated, but 2001's best) and "Belleville rendez-vous"?????