Tuesday, May 26, 2009

August in May

Just a tip to all you Melburnian readers - I know there's more than a few of you - who weren't away (I wasn't until this morning) that Tracy Letts' Pulizter and Tony Award-winning play August: Osage County is being performed by the Melbourne Theatre Company from 23 May-27 June. From the looks of the performance stills it has indeed been adapted for a modern Australian setting, but that shouldn't deter you as it is simply an astonishing play.

I saw it on Broadway during my recent trip to New York City and was blown away by it. It goes for three hours and forty minutes (inc. two 15-minute intervals), but the time truly flies by. You could do far worse things with your time than going to see this play. It is currently being adapted into a feature film, but as the running time suggests, it won't be the same. If you're lucky to be in the age bracket of "youth" (according to them it's 29 years and under) tickets are a measly $30! Adult tickets $58.20, so perhaps a bit steep for some, but if you can swing it then by all means.



crossoverman said...

Just a note - those aren't production photos but rehearsal photos.

I can't wait to see it - it's the play I've been most eager about seeing all year.

crossoverman said...

There are production photos up at the site now. I saw the show last night and I highly recommend seeing it - even if you've already seen it on Broadway. The local cast is incredible. And it maintains its Oklahoma setting and the accents stand up really well.