Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well Played, Poster: The Girlfriend Experience / Moon / The Brothers Bloom

While I was away these three posters premiered online and they are all fantastic and deserve people to stare at them and gawk and say vaguely pretentious things like "Isn't it just immaculate?" while wearing turtle necks and smoking slims.

Generally posters for science fiction movies can be great if the movie itself isn't your stock standard blockbuster type movie because if they're not quite as bound to a stock standard blueprint they can try different things and be a bit different (more about this sort of stuff at Film Experience). Such is the case with this new movie starring perennially underrated Sam Rockwell, Moon.

I love the juxtaposition between the deceptively simple title and the eye-catching and deceptive key art design. It plays tricks with you, much like the moon does to Rockwell's character in the film. You know what poster it reminds me of though? The Polish poster for Solaris. Perhaps it was intentional.

Steven Soderberg's ultra low budget experimental movies are having a habit of getting really great poster artwork. First there was Bubble and now comes The Girlfriend Experience - which is bloody FANTASTIC title by the way - starring porn star Sasha Grey. Such a stunning poster this one is and yet... I don't really know why. It just is, you know? The expression, the barcode, the mystery inside the dots and the god damned best tag line you'll read all year. Utterly brilliant. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. I still don't entirely know why though.

I recently spoke of my issues with the poster for Sam Mendes' Away We Go - too fussy, too calculated - and yet here is another one that could have very easily fallen into the same twee trap, but doesn't. Perhaps it's just because the central idea behind it is better and makes more sense than the one for Away We Go, but the whole design is just executed so much better here. It's not as recklessly messy and all over the place and it doesn't feel like it's deliberately trying to be hip and indie. It really does feel like it's imbued with personality and individual style, and not the kind of style that is decided by key demographics and what is most likely to get awards at Sundance.


Ben Rylan said...

I love it when I love things for seemingly no reason. Of-course there's always a reason, but it's just not obvious. It's less fun when pretentious people don't like something just because it's new (and they are of the opinion only old things are good), or equally vice versa.

Paul Martin said...

As you know, Glenn, I'm not big on posters but that Soderberg poster blows me away - one of the most enticing posters I've seen ever. I defy to you identify what the background image (in the dots) is. I can't work it out, and I think that's the intention. The image works so well because it fucks with your brain; you take in visual information simulataneously and they cross your wires. The primary image is pretty sexy, the lips are enticing, the glasses add mystique and then the colours bowl you over.

The other two posters aint bad either, esp. Moon.