Thursday, April 9, 2009

Warning: The Best Single of 2009 Is Released Soon

Look, I am blatantly aware that I can occasionally get a bit carried away and call songs "the best of the year!" like critics do with movies even though it's only February. Alas, I am more than confident that Girls Aloud's "Untouchable" will indeed go down as the greatest song of 2009. That is very nearly reaches the highest of highs that Girls Aloud reached with "Biology" four years ago and I would consider that as one of the greatest songs ever made period, so you know it's gotta be good.

"Untouchable" is the near seven-minute space age EPIC off of their masterpiece Out of Control album (Bob Dylan should resign). I was initially wary about the track being shortened for radio and television, but I needn't have worried since the four-minute edited version is brilliant. It's been tweaked and fiddled and some parts given a Cher makeover. And then they went and gave the video clip a science fiction disaster movie effort. Great stuff.

This is why music was invented, folks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the cut down version is a right old dog's dinner, and ends way too abruptly. You make it sound as if giving it a Cher makeover is a good thing. Its not - leave the vocoder thing to her! They should've been brave enough to release the full-length version - it didn't stop Bohemian Rhapsody being mega successful. As for 6-7 minutes not being 'radio friendly" which is usually the excuse for trimming long tracks - I would ask "Why is that?" These days you're lucky if you get to hear two thirds of any track on the radio before they start talking over it. The video is great even if the pace of it is a little too fast to accommodate the shortened song. Just think what they could've done with the video with nearly seven minutes to play with! It could've been a classic of epic proportions. My advice - get the album and listen to the full version.

Guy said...

Can't say I think it's a "Biology"-scale achievement -- but I will say I think "like beautiful robots dancing alone" is their finest lyric ever.

Dame James Henry said...

Glenn, I'm glad someone else out there likes the "Untouchable" radio edit as much as I do. Nothing will ever match the epic original, but I think they did a fine job editing it down to 3 1/2 minutes. Let's put it this way: it could have been much worse.

J.D. said...

The edit is still a bit unfortunate. It's like... well, Fanny & Alexander (ahem, my avatar). Like, it's hard for me to stand it without the missing parts they had to cut to make it "commercial", though it's definitely fine in itself. It's just that the complete version is one of the greatest achievements of pure, awe-inspiring genius I've ever encountered.

But I LOVE the video.