Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You For Being a Friend, Bea Arthur

Devastating news, folks. D-E-V-A-S-T-A-T-I-N-G-!

The incomparable Bea Arthur has died at age 86. I wasn't aware she was this age, but nevertheless, it's sad news. Of course she had series' like Maude and Broadway roles such as Mame, but I don't think I will be alone in saying my eternal devotion to this woman will forever remain in place because of her role as Dorothy Zbornak on The Golden Girls - perhaps the greatest ever sitcom to ever be. In fact, it was just last week that I listed Dorothy as my favourite ever television character on one of those addictive Facebook Living Social features.

In the last year I have bought most of the Golden Girls seasons on DVD (seasons six and seven have been alluding me whenever i go to purchase them) and watched them additively and Bea's Dorothy is just the best. In fact, if you click this link you'll see that in the past I have posted Dorothy quotes as blog entries because she was always the funniest.

"I don't think Stan and I would ever have gotten together had I known his entire family smell their fingers all day after they eat chicken."

"Why would [the ambassador of Russia] want to meet the same woman who once said 'If the city of Atlantis is lost, how can Bobby Vinton appear there twice a year?'"

"No Rose, I'm nervous because if Sonny Bono is elected Major of Palm Springs he's gonna make all the postmen wear leather bell-bottoms and fur vests."

"Well, at least some good came out of it. It's about time somebody threw up on Gene Shalit."

"You'll have to forgive my mother, she's very upset. She just found out she has the same hairdresser as Whoopi Goldberg."

And so on. I laugh out loud at almost all of Dorothy's one-liners. Of course, Bea's passing comes less than a year after Estelle Getty's death and soon enough Betty White and Rue McClanahan will too farewell us and they will need to call a national day of Golden Girls morning. Man, I'm too sad to think about that right now. Bless ya Bea! I'll be watching some Golden TV in your honour!

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Dame James Henry said...

What a great write up. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Bea, you were one hell of a woman and will be missed terribly.