Friday, April 17, 2009

Temporary Quiet

Sorry folks! I just had a really full couple of days and I may not be around much for the weekend - heading back to the home town for shenanigans - but when I get back I will be cranking out a review for My Year Without Sex (tip: it's very good) as well as some other stuff that I do have planned, but that I just need to get around to executing. Ain't life grand?!

To tide you over here is the new Lily Allen video. It's for "Not Fair", that song about wanting to get an orgasm, but have a shit shag. Aw. Poor lass.

Isn't it weird though that I'm currently obsessed with Dolly Parton right now and right there in Allen's video clip is Porter Wagoner, Parton's long time collaborator and TV/duet partner. Small world.

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