Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh, Ciara

Ciara continues her trend of releasing albums with only one good song and a whole lotta crap surrounding it. Is there any surprise that the one good song on Fantasy Ride features Missy Elliot and is produced by Danja (Britney's classic "Gimme More" and Cassie's "Official Girl - the best single of 2008)? It's called "Work" and it's a stormer of a club track.

Although it's not even as good as Kelly Rowland's "Work", which is sayin' something. Okay in all fairness there are some other decent songs on the album. I'll give her "Pucker Up" and "Dancin' On Me" (produced by Tricky Stewart of "Umbrella" fame) is decent for a slower song while "Tell Me What Your Name Is" sort of has a mini-epic chorus, but the song in full would be better without the annoying bleeps and boops that unnecessarily fill it. The rest of it is pretty much garbage though, especially "Love Sex Magic", which sounds just like Duran Duran's "Nite Runner" but turned to compost. Christ, that song is awful. Fantasy Ride is clearly a producers album only. You could swap out Ciara's vocals for pretty much anybody else and the results would remain the same. Unlike, say, Rihanna, she can't inject anywhere near enough personality to make dirge like "High Price" - with it's ridiculous faux-operatic vocals - listenable. And yes there is even a featuring credit given to Chris Brown on "Turntables", all but ruining it. Thumbs down Ciara! C-

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Dave said...

It's not as good as The Saturdays' 'Work', but that's a near impossible feat.

Also for some reason I do quite like 'Love Sex Magic'. I'd be hard-pressed to explain why though.