Thursday, March 5, 2009

Watch This Now!

This is the video clip for the new Just Jack song "Embers", off of his upcoming album All Night Cinema. There are many reasons to love Just Jack - his 2007 album Overtones is very excellent indeed - and this is but another. Despite the fact that the track itself is wonderful, the clip is just astounding. Recalls the days of the likes of Jonze, Cunningham, Romanek and Gondry who actually tried to do something with the format they had been given.

It's an absolute stunner.


JackAttack said...

You've used a lot of positive adjectives but you don't really explain why it's so good...? I can't. Other than it's a great little history lesson for the Youtube generation. And just because it uses miniatures doesn't mean it should be compared to Gondry et al - compared to his work this is pretty boring and uninspired. Song is pretty ordinary too.

Just my opinion!

Glenn said...

It's so intricate and complex though. Perhaps not as good as Gondry, but one of the only clips from the last year or so that seems to be trying to be an example of what the medium can achieve.