Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These Dangerous Minds

For whatever reason - don't ask me how it came about - I just needed to get a hold of a copy of the soundtrack to the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer movie Dangerous Minds. As far as these sort of "white person enters ethnic area, teaches ethnic kids life long lessons while learning something about themselves along the way" go Dangerous Minds is quite good. From what I remember it felt quite strong in it's portrayal, but it's been a long time since I saw it so I could be wrong.

One thing that is not up for dispute is just how incredible the soundtrack was - and still is. Everybody knows the Coolio track "Gangsta's Paradise" and for good reason too. It's a knockout, much like the video. However, there are plenty of other excellent tracks on there that are great examples of that era of hip-hop and r&b, and especially the female-performed side of it (which so many people conveniently and sadly ignore), which is so perfect that listening to modern day comparisons is nigh on depressing. Below are several songs from the soundtrack, with "Paradise" getting a big window because... well, don't you agree that it deserves it? I do. Plus it has Michelle Pfeiffer gettin' all up in ya grillz, dawg (???)

24K, "Don't Go There (Respect)"
Wendy & Lisa, "This is the Life"
Rappin' 4-Tay, "A Message For Your Mind"
Sista feat. Craig Mack, "It's Alright" (Sista is actually a group that Missy Elliot fronted early in her career)
Coolio feat. LV - "Gangsta's Paradise"

dope, y'all!

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