Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taking Trailers

Courtesy of /Film comes the newly released trailer for Ang Lee's latest - Taking Woodstock. Even though I forgot out in my top 50 anticipatory titles of 2009, I am very much looking forward to this title and I'm predicting big things come Oscar season. Here's the trailer to watch. Being released on the same day as the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are was probably not good since that title has literally devoured everybody's imagination, but the footage on show here is good enough to stand out, don't you think?

I wish more stars would introduce their movie trailers. It's cute. I wasn't aware, however, that the movie was coming out "this summer". Hopefully that means it will be released here in Australia by at least December (aka, "Australia's summer"). Personally, I could've done without the annoying music in the beginning, but it looks like another solid Ang Lee departure. What will he take on next? An animated horror film set in France during WWI? He's never done any of those things!

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