Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sofia Coppola Has Directed Something New!

Alas, it is not a new movie (shame), but a commercial for a perfume called Miss Dior Cherie. Watch it below.

Clearly Ms Coppola is still very much in love with candy-coloured pastels, shimmering light, blonde girls wearing gorgeous clothes and creamy deserts. Does it make you remember how great Marie Antoinette, The Virgin Suicides and - most of all - Lost in Translation were? It does to me and I really wish she'd get a move on and make a new movie. Yes, she just had a baby or whatever, but that's no excuse (...). I need my pretty young blonde girls staring out of windows pondering their place in the world, OKAY?!? Although, to be honest, there are no such philosophical wonderings in the commercial so don't get your hopes up in that regard although there is a nifty Up-ish moment at the end though. Bliss.


J.D. said...

I think I've seen that commercial before, but I don't think I knew it was directed by Coppola. Which makes me feel stupid, since it's SO obvious. And pretty. And pink, of course. Ugh, I can't fricking wait for her next.

Wait, she just had a kid?! I feel so out of the loop. *dizzy*

Sally Belle said...

I love Sofia's work...even in this very short form...but, I hate the model she cast. Boring and boring looking. No "it" factor.
Imagine this with Kirsten or Keri Russell or some other such marvelous girl.