Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIP Natasha Richardson

As you have no doubt already heard, Natasha Richardson has died at age 45. Wife to Liam Neeson, daughter to Vanessa Redgrave and mother to two teenage boys Richardson unfortunately never reached the on screen peaks of her family members, but as a stage actress and TONY Award-winner (for Cabaret) and with a good handful of worthy movies to her name she was clearly talented. Condolences for the family.


Danny Trejo said...

That's so sad. RIP Natasha Richardson... We will miss you!

Anonymous said...

What gets to me is how such an innocuous event like falling over snow can cause her death. People fall while skiing all the time. Once I fell down and rolled down the hill. I bet she must have had some aneurysm alread in her head and the fall caused her already pressurised blood vessel to burst. Many people due suddenly from brain aneurysms all the time without any warning or symptoms. Very sad. Laim Neeson played a widower in LOVE ACTUALLy and now he is one himself in real life. Tragic!