Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mind Games... with a Z

Nathaniel at The Film Experience came up with a fabulous idea. Find an old celebrity photo (or two) that you'd love to hear the audio track from.


Liz' and 'Liz, respectively backstage at... some award show. I don't recognise that statue. Is it a Golden Globe? I actually don't think this picture would work with an audio track because I think these two are communicating mentally. These two crazy ol' broads being in the same room probably already sent the frequency levels into unheard of territories. I'm imagining their telekinetic conversation included such fascinating topics as martians from Jupiter, slurpees, Paul Newman's abdominal muscles*, the colour orange, zebras, the pros and cons of cola-flavoured lollipops, The Carpenters, wax paper, squiggle drawings that can be interpreted as deep emotional feelings, how fun it would be to swing from a ceiling fan perhaps while eating a sandwich, the letter Z, the French new wave, retroactive nuclear science and the danger of subatomic particles in a hostile electrical environment and rain.

*Face it, wouldn't you wanna discuss it?



LOL on the ceiling fan... with sandwich. That one was 'Liz's idea Not Z's

Anonymous said...

It's the Cecil B de Mille award they give at the GG