Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life in a Northern Town

Do you remember this AMAZING track from 1997? It's "Sunchyme" by Dario G and is the song that heavily samples The Dream Academy's also-quite-excellent "Life in a Northern Town". Except it takes that track and turns it into one of the most summery, life affirming and happy songs of the era. The video clip is really quite fascinating, too. The final minute of this song and the video are more "feel good" and more of a "hymn to life" than anything and everything in Slumdog Millionaire.

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vicki said...

about a year ago, this song randomly suddenly started playing on repeat on my head. I couldn't remember what it was and after countless attempts to hum it to people, i felt i was doomed to have this unknown song playing in my head.
so i went on this music forum or something and described the song and the video clip i could remember to it and then someone told me what it was.
such relief to know what it was! i think it was stuck in my head for like 3 weeks before i knew what it was. lol
its a super super song
its like THE song of the 90's