Friday, March 20, 2009

James Franco is... Allen Ginsberg?

I like it when actors I am fond of, yet who never really got the parts they deserve, finally get that creative wind that propels them forward. James Franco is one of those guys. Anyone who has seen Freaks and Geeks or the James Dean TV movie could tell you he had talent, but before 2008 he was relegated to bad movie galore. Annapolis, anyone? City by the Sea?

2008, however, gave us two Oscar-worthy performances from the man. His lead performance in Pineapple Express was a comedy masterstroke and was rightly Golden Globe-nominated. Sure, Oscar was never on the cards, but it should have been. His supporting role in Gus Van Sant's Milk also should have given him his first Oscar nod, but alas they went with Josh Brolin's straight evil man. I'm not looking at it that way, but Franco was lovely and tender and charming as Scott Smith and I would've preferred he be honoured over Brolin.

Nevertheless, Franco has perhaps another chance at Oscar glory with his role in Howl. It is a biopic after all and he "goes gay" yet again so he already has a couple of ticks next to his name (and if you include the career momentum thing that the Academy like to reward then there's three). One cause for concern though is that Franco is portraying is Allen Ginsburg. I'm not sure if you know what Ginsburg looks like, but Franco it ain't.

The resemblance isn't exactly "uncanny", is it?

Anyway, Towleroad has some production images including the one below.


par3182 said...

ginsberg at 30 might have been a fairer comparison

and even though i look nothing like james franco (sadly) i'd want him to play me

JA said...

Yeah, while Franco is certainly much much better looking, it isn't as ridiculous when you look at a younger picture of Ginsberg. Still a stretch-to-the-breaking-point, though.

Glenn said...

Well duh. :) I just thought it was funnier this way. He actually looks like Jeff Goldblum in that photo.

RC said...

i haven't heard of this will definitly have to be a part of the real people series.

When I saw Ginsberg's picture you posted, for some reason it made me think of a chubby Jerry Seinfeld

Anonymous said...

I think a Ginsberg biopic starring "chocolate lozenge-eyed" David Cross in an assortment of Oliver Stone-esque bad wigs to indicate the passage of time would be a better idea.