Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harron's Horror

American Psycho pretty much made me anticipatory to the nth degree for anything that Mary Harron makes. Y'all know I love that movie. Although I wasn't as keen on The Notorious Bettie Page, that still doesn't mean I'm going to just forget that Harron made one of the very finest movies of this decade, no siree.

So it was with excitement that I read today (via) that Harron is returning to the horror field with a title called The Moth Diaries. Thankfully it's not a re-telling of The Mothman Prophecies - that ridiculous movie with Richard Gere and Grace Adler - but a tale involving an all girls' school (they're usually good for scary tales), a dead poet and perhaps even vampires. Read all about it at Bloody Disgusting.


karl said...

grace always finds herself in awkward situations

Ralph DeLuca said...

I also love American Psycho, that is was a well made film. I even have the original movie poster for it in my collection.

Good taste!

Ralph DeLuca
Madison NJ