Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6 Days 'til NYC: Chelsea Girls

In anticipation for my trip to New York City I will be counting down with some of my NYC movies (and even some that I don't like just for a change of pace). Hope you all enjoy.

I haven't seen Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey's Chelsea Girls, but felt like I wanted to include it, especially since I'll be taking a peak at the Chelsea Hotel while I'm over there.


Anonymous said...
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JA said...

One of my proudest moviegoing experiences was sitting through this entire movie and never taking a break. By the end of the film the theater had cleared out about 60-70%, and everyone I was there with had at least gone to the bathroom once. But not me! I think it ran almost four hours, which isn't that ridiculous in itself, but when you've seen the film you'll understand how sort of unbearable it is at times. Since NOTHING really happens, as with all of Warhol's more experimental movies. But I made it! I'm awesome.

Kamikaze Camel said...

One of the funniest things I've read online was when a guy liveblogged a screening on Warhol's Empire. It was hilarious because it is literally a black screen for hours at a time.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect time to head to NYC and the Chelsea Hotel. The Anthology Film Archives is hosting "Chelsea Hotel On Film," three days of films shot at the famed hotel. Of course, Chelsea Girls is included.