Wednesday, March 11, 2009

19 Days 'til NYC: Eyes Wide Shut

In anticipation for my trip to New York City I will be counting down with some of my NYC movies (and even some that I don't like just for a change of pace). Hope you all enjoy.

Interesting that Kris at InContention also wrote about this movie just yesterday. If I had have remembered that Saturday was the 10-year anniversary of the great Stanley Kubrick's death then I would have scheduled this to pop up then. Alas, for some reason every website and blog that I read didn't seem to remember either.

And so I come to Kubrick's stunning Eyes Wide Shut, which premiered a few months after his death. It's yet another in my seemingly never ending line of maligned movies that I actually very much love. This is very much a movie that puts you under a spell and if you do happen to fall under it then that's all well and good, you'll probably think the movie is truly astonishing.

And yet if you don't get put under the spell from the get go then, it seems, you're destined to hate everything about it. You'll think it long, boring, awfully directed, you'll think Kidman is embarrassing and Cruise is like concrete boots in water. Funnily enough, those are the exact same things (apart from the Cruise bit) that you could say about Jonathan Glazer's Birth if you don't happen to fall under that movie's Kubrickian spell.

It is yet another thing that this movie obsessed person has grown to accept.

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