Saturday, March 14, 2009

17 Days 'til NYC: Angels in America

In anticipation for my trip to New York City I will be counting down with some of my NYC movies (and even some that I don't like just for a change of pace). Hope you all enjoy.

Is Mike Nichols' Angels in America (based on the stage play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes by Tony Kushner) the best television mini-series of all time? I don't know. I haven't seen anywhere near enough of them to begin to hypethsise about that - I haven't even seen Roots or Brideshead Revisited - although I'm sure somebody has come up with one of those lists somewhere on the internet (where is EW and their ridiculous time-wasting lists when you need them?) I find it easy to imagine, however, that such a list were to exist, Angels in America would be very very highly placed, don't you agree?

I watched this 350 minute productions in two sittings. I've become increasingly unable to watch television as it actually airs. "I need the next episode and I need it now" sort of anger ensues usually for any show that has even a remote semblance of a continuing storyline. I was amazed by every facet of the movie. I almost wish it were made into a feature film so it could win Oscars for it's blatant queerness and so that whenever people asked what Meryl Streep won Oscars for you could say "A mother who abandons her son, a holocaust survivor and a Jewish mother of a gay son via a Rabbi, Ethel Roseberg and the Angel of Australia. I know I'd get a kick out of that.

Of course, anyone who has seen the TV movie (or seen the stage play) would agree that condensing it down into two and a half hours would not be justice well served.

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