Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Know What I Realised?

The same people that are criticising the Academy for nominating The Reader over The Dark Knight and complaining that they snubbed an of-sorts genre movie (in this case a comic book action movie) in favour of yet another WWII Holocaust movie are probably the exact same people that complain - and continue to complain to this very day, ugh - about Saving Private Ryan losing Best Picture to Shakespeare in Love in 1998. You know, the WWII Holocaust movie losing to an of-sorts genre movie (in this case romantic comedy).

Or is it not allowed when the WWII movie in question is filled with action and violence and is male-oriented and directed by a safe heterosexual man who makes movies for the masses and when the other film in question is a "girly" movie? Oh I think it is. And it still baffles me why nobody is upset at Frost/Nixon for cruising like a cheap hustler into the Oscar race. Did that movie do anything?


Joel said...

Haven't seen The Reader yet, but Frost/Nixon really is the sore thumb in the bunch. As is Ron Howard for his pedestrian direction. Slot the Wrestler in instead of both of those and I'd be quite happy.

Ben said...

There's my answer.