Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Bad Posters Strike: Hannah Montana: The Movie

Look, I don't go about my day seeking to find movie posters with the same crappy design aesthetic. They literally just appear in my Facebook inbox (thanks to James Henry, THANKS A LOT). It's actually quite disheartening to know that people think I am so predictable.

Alas, I am.

When I saw this poster for Hannah Montana: The Movie is literally screamed. Thankfully my flat mate wasn't home at the time. This is just so god damn maddening. Can't these designers who get paid a pretty penny to design the images that sell us movies come up with something at least a tiny bit original. Is that just so hard? It's so dispiriting to see this same movie poster recreated over and over and over and over and over (and over) again. It really is.

And not just the wretched stripey disease that is infecting more and more lazy key art designers by the day, but there's also the fact that it also acts as a lazy way of designing the soundtrack album cover. And then there's the tacky cross-promotion tag line, which might as well read "go by The Best of Both Worlds on DVD now" and the strange horse riding backdrop that looks like an old painted poster (never a bad thing, but out of place here).

Also, I hate the fringe. Especially with those eyebrows. Oh lordy.

Nevertheless, it could be worse. It's certainly better than that dreadful poster for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience. That one will be hard to top.


J.D. said...

Your predictability is a lovely trait, though! Especially when you're so brilliant at it.

(I gave James the link in the first place, btw. ahem.)

Glenn said...

Oh well thank you!